21 January 2011


Fresh from the garden purple podded peas and a couple of mammoth snow peas. This will probably be the last of them as the plants were damaged in the freakishly strong winds  we just had. I was lucky and got to spend a day at the beach Cremorne and then Clifton (below) , totally perfect beach  weather the water was warm and almost no wind. I spent most of the time covered head to toe and with a layer of super extra strong sunscreen designed to attract a thick layer of sand, probably part of the sunscreen rating. 

This is my favorite way to serve meatballs,  you can do this with any sized meatball I just like small ones. The  basic recipe is called Bitkis, they look a little yellow but that's just the grated carrot . All you do is arrange  the meatballs in a single layer or leaning one against the next for larger patties. Cover with  cooked tomato  sauce  I use the plain bottled tomatoes from the supermarket. Add some garlic slithers, fresh thyme sprigs (push into sauce) . Spoon some firm plain yoghurt, decorate with some parsley  and cracked pepper heat until  bubbling, serve with some mashed potatoes.  


2paw said...

What colourful and exciting peas!!! Wow.
The meatballs look scrumptious. Yum!!

2paw said...

When I went shopping I bought the things I needed to make this recipe, more or less. It looks so tasty, I am going to give some to MrsDrWho as well!!

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