2 June 2012


Sad news,  Furgus disappeared on the 30th of March and no amount of searching, door knocking, posters and phone calls have turned up anything.  He had dinner then the usual backyard stroll and instead of coming back inside he just vanished. I think he was following the possums and something happened.  These are the last photo's I took of him and he's going bonkers with the wool, which now has orange cat hair through it.  I just had to let him keep it until he got bored, that was always the best way to handle him,  not forgetting  heaps of  praise,  affection and food.

6 February 2012


This is what I've spent the last couple of weeks doing, cleaning glue off the floorboards in my crafty room, when I took up the carpet I found it had been glued onto the floor. I was just going to get the floor sanded but because of the glue several sanding places either raised the cost dramatically or could not guarantee a good result. When I asked what if I clean the glue myself and then you just sand the floor ready for me to polish the answer was "there's no way you will be able to get the glue off" in other words, suck it up. The hardware shop people said the same thing you can't just remove the glue and not make a mess of the polished boards. That's now about six people who have told me I can't do it and I don't know what I'm talking about. The top photo shows the before and after the floor was totally covered in hard glue and dirt so I washed it with hot soapy water to get a better look at the glue problem. The hot water made some of the floor sticky so I had the idea to use bicarb of soda as it's gentle non toxic and great for sticky label patches. It totally worked!!! I did fairly small patches at a time, wash in hot soapy water, sprinkle thickly with bicarb and then spread over patch with hand, adding more water if floor is to dry it needs to be quite wet to work well, leave for ten minutes or so then scrape off, the bicarb turns the glue to an almost chewing gum consistency. Some areas needed several applications, the photos below show the glue after the bicarb soak ready to be scraped. Problem solved! now if I can just get my huge stash of fabric, fibre and yarn organized I might be able to start and finish a project or two.

25 December 2011


It's great when you find something that is exactly what you have been looking for, the white Gnome is this years new Christmas decoration. I would have liked him to be a little bigger but he's perfect in every other way. I love all white critters and my collection is gradually growing. This years Christmas is on the small scale with lots of small presents for my niece Lilli and Swedish gingerbread for every one as well as the usual cash. I haven't blogged for ages, I've been extremely tired there's been a lot of lack of sleep and after a while you become a little zombiefied  and unable to speak in sensible sentences. This morning I found the tea towel I lost last night in the freezer! why? how? who knows.

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